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A characteristic FDTD simulation workflow involves various settings of excitations, monitors, mesh, boundary condition and elaborate object modelling, post processing, parameter sweep, etc. The complicated process is somewhat unfriendly to first-time users and still can be burdensome for experienced users. To reduce this process, EastWave users may choose to set up templates for repeated similar tasks utilizing the embedded Scripting Language, or simply find an applicable Predefined Workflow EastWave provided.


The Predefined Workflows were developed for some common simulation tasks with target to simplify the simulation process as much as possible. In most Predefined Workflows, excitations or monitors are preset or can be defined by simple parameter inputs, while embedded parameter sweep and post process automatically run to generate the report about key quantities of interest. Thus the only essential work left is just modelling of the object of interest if the default recommendation of meshing and boundary condition is adopted.


Moreover, for some types of the problems, EastWave developed targeted fast computation techniques and integrated them with the corresponding Predefined Workflows. These proprietary techniques greatly reduce simulation time of specific problems to only a small fraction of that previously required. Now within the same time period of previously one single simulation, the users are able to perform a series of simulations for comparative analysis or optimization.


In the future we’ll continue to develop more Predefined Workflows suitable for different kinds of tasks met by our customers.